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Dr. Karan Rajan Biography, Educational Qualification, Age & Contact Details

Dr. Karan Rajan

Quick Info about Dr. Karan

Real NameDr Karan Rangarajan
Better known asDr. Karan Rajan
Age (as of 2024) –33 years
Marital Statusnot known
ProfessionDoctor (surgeon) and clinical lecturer at Sunderland University
DesignationNHS Surgeon
Higher QualificationMRCS, MBBS, BSc
Experience10 years of experience (as a doctor + as a lecturer)

Who is Dr. Karan Rajan

Dr. Karan Rajan is a United Kingdom-based doctor (surgeon) who is very famous on social media platforms. Through his videos, he gives information to the public about disease awareness, prevention and solutions. Currently, Dr. Karan is working as a clinical lecturer at The University of Sunderland Medical School. He has worked as an “NHS Surgeon” for about 10 years.

Dr Karan Rajan is much liked in India because his name is an Indian name, due to which he has been searched many times on Google and now remains in the discussion. He first gained popularity through TikTok, he also spread his experience and knowledge to the public through TikTok, which was a very commendable work and even today he is providing important information to crores of people through YouTube and Instagram.

Dr. Karan Rajan Wikipedia, Personal Information, Wiki, Bio, Info

Full NameDr. Karan Rajan
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Zodiac signGemini
Age (as of 2024)33 years
Date of birth23 May 1990
Birthday23 May
BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom
ProfessionDoctor ( surgeon)
Residential addressUk

Dr. Karan Rajan’s physical measurements, height, weight

 Dr. Karan height5’11” feet
Dr. Karan weight75  kilograms
Skin colourFair skin
Eye colourBlack
Hair colourBlack
HairstyleShort hair
Body typeFit
birthmark or tattooNo
OtherFull beard

Dr. Karan Rajan Biography, Life Introduction

Doctor Karan Rajan is a very famous name on social media because his name is Indian but he is a resident of the United Kingdom. Hence, Doctor Karan’s life started in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Karan Rajan has been a very sharp-minded student in studies and attracted towards science since the beginning. He started studying science at the age of 13. After birth, Doctor Karan Rajan obtained his early education and after that when he turned 13, he took admission in a famous college in the United Kingdom. Doctor Karan Rajan’s mother is a doctor by profession, seeing this, Karan also kept moving forward in his dream of becoming a doctor.

The year 2004 was the time when Karan Rajan crossed the first step to becoming a doctor. He graduated in a science subject, hence he has done BSc in Hematology in Science and after completing graduation, he obtained a Master’s degree in Skincare.

Dr. Karan Rajan early life and career

It was around the year 2004 when Karan Rajan had completed his school education and had taken admission to college for higher education. After taking admission, he did a BSc in haematology and also kept studying various science facts. He is really a very promising student and moved forward with interest in studies from a small age. He is very fond of reading science-related books and this is the reason why he has mastered the science subject.

From the age of 13, he started focusing on various research and books on science subjects when Karan was going to do a master’s degree, during this time he also taught students in the university as a professor.

Let us tell you that Doctor Karan Rajan has obtained a master’s degree in skin care, he is a doctor by profession but the reason for his popularity is social media. He has done many surgeries in his life and all the surgeries have been successful.

When he first created his account on TikTok, he became famous in all areas of the world and he was also well-liked in India. On TikTok, he also gave information about various fatal and common diseases that occur in humans through short videos, and also told about some interesting diseases, that very few people were aware of.

Let us tell you that along with information about diseases, Dr. Karan Rajan also shares all kinds of important information related to daily life. What kind of conduct and nature a good person should have, Dr. Karan Rajan knows this very well and also inspires people.

His way of talking, speech, humour, behaviour and attitude make him different from others. At present, he has millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube.

Millions of youth in India follow him and keep getting information about living a good and healthy life. When Dr. Karan Rajan was asked who is his source of inspiration, Dr. Karan Rajan said that his mother is his biggest source of inspiration because his mother is a doctor by profession, seeing whom he dreamed of becoming a doctor.

He grew up looking at his mother and he had a great love for the doctor profession. Karan Rajandreamed of becoming a doctor and also achieved it. Dr. Karan Rajan believes that we should not step back from hard work and if we dream, we should want to achieve them with full intensity.

 He has also worked as a lecturer at Sunderland University. When Karan was 23 years old, he had become a doctor.

Let us tell you that Dr. Karan Rajan has also written many books till now. “This Book May Save Your Life” is a famous book written by him which you can buy through Amazon.

Best summer fruit helpful to increase p@nis size: Dr. Karan Rajan

Doctor Karan Rajan has millions of fans and he gives opportunities to his fans to ask their questions and also answers the questions received from his fans. Once on YouTube, one of his fan asked Doctor Karan what should be done to increase the size of the p@nis, then Doctor Karan suggested to his fans according to the monsoon (season /weather) that if they eat watermelon in these summer days, then their body will also benefit and it will also help in increasing the size of the p@nis.

The size of the p@nis cannot be increased directly, but watermelon increases the tension in the muscles which plays a major role in increasing the size of the p@nis. If you want to meet or talk to Doctor Karan, then you can send your message to him through the contact details on social media and you can stay constantly updated about health.

Dr. Karan Rajan’s YouTube channel

Doctor Karan Rajan started his YouTube channel on 3 March 2012.

After creating the YouTube channel, Karan uploaded the first video on 2 July 2021. The video named Vaginal Examination is the most liked video on his YouTube channel.

From the beginning, he has continuously given information to his fans on various topics and has also performed the duty of a good advisor as well as a doctor.

He helps his fans in every way, and gives even the smallest information which is really very important. Karan Rajan always inspires the youth about a good nature and attitude so that they can get good values ​​​​and learn something good.

His channel has more than 21 lakh subscribers and about 1200 videos have been uploaded till now.

The link to Dr Karan Rajan’s YouTube channel is given below.

 Dr. Karan Rajan’s education qualification

Early education of Dr. Karan RajanFrom the UK
Current classHe completed his master’s degree
DegreeBachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Medicine in 2008 – 2014 from Imperial College London
Post GraduationMaster in Skincare 
College or university nameImperial College London
University or college passing date2014
QualificationsHaematology in 2011 – 2012 from Imperial College London

Dr. Karan Rajan family information

Father’s nameNot known
Mother’s nameNot known
Brothernot known
SisterNot known
Wife/GirlfriendNot known

Dr. Karan Rajan books

  1. This book may save your life (popular book)

Dr. Karan Rajan’s Instagram information

Dr Karan Rajan is famous on Instagram as well as YouTube. He has more than 12 lakh followers on his Instagram account. Karan has uploaded 1463 posts and he follows 1243 people on Instagram. His id name is @drkaranrajan

Dr. Karan Rajan’s salary, income and Net Worth

Dr. Karan earnings/ monthly income – not known

Dr. Karan  Rajan Net worth – not known

Source of income –  hospital/clinic and social media

Dr. Karan Rajan Car Collection and property

  • No accurate information is available

 Dr. Karan Rajan address and hometown

Residence address ,home Town – London, United Kingdom

office – Imperial College London

Basingstoke, England, United Kingdom

Dr. Karan Rajan’s contact details

Dr. Karan Rajan mobile number – not available

Dr. Karan Rajan WhatsApp number – not available

Dr. Karan Rajan Insta I’d –

Twitter account – @drkaranrajan

Dr. Karan Rajan YouTube –

Facebook account –

Email/Gmail account –,,

Linkedin –

Website –


Q. Who is Dr. Karan Rajan

Ans. Dr. Karan Rajan is a United Kingdom-based doctor (surgeon). He is a clinical lecturer at The University of Sunderland Medical School

Q. Why Dr. Karan Rajan is famous?

Ans.  Famous doctors on Instagram and YouTube.

Q. How old is Dr. Karan Rajan?

Ans.  33 year old

Q. What are the charges and fees of Dr. Karan Rajan?

Ans. Not known

Q. Does Dr. Karan Rajan drink alcohol?

Ans. No

Q. Is Dr. Karan Rajan a social media influencer also

Ans.  Yes

Q. Is Dr. Karan Rajan a professor?

Ans. Yes, he is a clinical lecturer.

Q. Is Dr. Karan Rajan has own hospital and research centres?

Ans. Yes , He owns the hospital.

Q. How much experience Dr. Karan Rajan have?

Ans.  More than 10 years.

Q. Does Dr. Karan Rajan smoke?

Ans. No

Q. How many languages does she know?

Ans. 5 languages -Hindi, English, Spanish, French, German.

Q. How to meet Dr. Karan Rajan?

Ans. By contacting him via social media

Q. There is any special case or controversy of Dr. Karan Rajan?

Ans. No controversy

Q. Is Dr. Karan Rajan also a speaker?

Ans. Yes

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