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7 Foods That Turn Toxic If Heated Again and Again

India is a country of diversity. We live in a country that is diverse in religion, culture, language and even food. People of India love to eat and try various kinds of foods ranging from home-cooked dal-chawal to street food to the most-healthy kind of food which is south Indian food.

But do we even realise the fact that there are some foods which if heated again and again turn toxic? We can suffer great damage by heating these foods and eating them again and again.

Today I will my readers about these foods that shouldn’t be heated again and again. All my information is based on Ayurvedic research and proven scientifically for the benefit of my readers.

Some of these foods include:

1. Spinach and green leafy vegetables:

Spinach is abundant in nitrate content which is beneficial to the human body only when it is present in its natural form. If its form continues to be changed by heating it again and again, it works like venom to the body. When these leafy greens are heated multiple times the nitrates present in it convert into nitrides which further convert to nitrosomines which is a carcinogenic compound. Carcinogenic compounds are cancer-causing compounds. They have fused rings of benzene. They have a specific aroma and when they enter the body of a human being, they undergo various biochemical reactions and finally damage the DNA and cause cancer. It is also backed up by scientific research, that when such foods are heated multiple times are very harmful to the body

Advice: my advice to my readers is to always eat such foods when they are freshly cooked. If they do not get over by eating them once, just heat them low and try to eat them as it is. Do not try to overheat multiple times.

2. Rice:

Rice is the staple food of so many people living in India. Many of us do not think our food is over without having rice once a day. Apart from the presence of high levels of carbohydrates, when we cook rice there is the presence of a bacteria known as Bacillus cereus. This bacteria is normally harmless to the body but in case it is not stored properly, it starts to multiply and even survives after multiple reheating. It is the main cause of food poisoning.

Advice: try to finish the rice when it is cooked. If not possible store it at a cool temperature to avoid the multipleying of the virus. Try to cook it in a smaller amount to finish it in go.

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3. Potatoes:

The food which is known as “the king of vegetables”. Every Indian kitchen is incomplete without potatoes. If we don’t get to eat potatoes on a single day, the whole day feels to be a waste. Our food is incomplete without potatoes. But, do you know, when we cook a potato and leave it as it is at room temperature, a silent enemy known as clostridium botulinum comes into action? According to scientific studies, this virus can be a cause of botulism in humans. Botulism is a serious kind of food poisoning that causes paralysis to a person and can even prove more fatal than others.

Advice: do not heat potatoes again and again. If it needs to be stored, store it in a fridge to avoid a multiplicity of bacteria so that it does not prove to be fatal to the life of the human being and the risk of botulism gets reduced.

4. Chicken:

It is a popular non-vegetarian dish which can be cooked in various types. It is used as roasted only or in chicken biryani and various other foods to enhance its taste. When chicken is cooked for the first time, its protein is packed in a fixed structure which is beneficial to the person eating it. But when it is heated multiple times, the structure of these proteins changes which causes many health problems in humans. The proteins present in chicken when reheated cause indigestion and food poisoning. Not only does it affect digestion but also causes severe affect. The proteins in it get degraded and therefore cause indigestion. Eggs are also included in this category of food which are good sources of proteins.

Advice: if you need to reheat the chicken to eat it, try to eat it at a low temperature.

5. Mushrooms:

It is a gift of nature which are excellent in both taste and provide a good impact on the health of the human being. The delicate nature of mushrooms does not make them suitable for reheating. When we cook mushrooms they contain a unique taste and a unique flavour. It causes digestive enzymes to degrade and sometimes causes a bad stomach ache which affects the whole digestive system of the human body. It can cause vomiting which is also a sign of a bad digestive system.

Advice: eat it freshly cooked. If it is very important to be heated, do so at a low temperature to save it from denaturation.

6. Cooking oil:

Every food is made while cooking it in oil. It can either be deep-fried or shallow-fried, but the final result of the food will come when it is cooked in oil. We have many kinds of oil in our Indian kitchen, ranging from mustard oil to coconut to olive to sunflower and the list is never-ending. But do you know that when we continuously use a single oil again and again for the purpose of cooking or frying the deposition of transfat starts taking place which changes the molecular structure of the oil and makes it unfit for cooking? Transfat is the worst kind of fat which gets into the veins gets stuck to the blood vessels and disrupts the flow of blood in the body. It takes a toll on the health of your heart and the hearts of your family members.

Advice: oil once used should not be used again. Try to use healthy cooking methods like baking, steaming and air frying to cook the food to make it tasty and even more healthy.

7. Tea:

It is the staple drink of every Indian household. One cup of tea in the morning and one in the evening is what should be taken to maintain good health. But people in India prefer to take it after every meal either lunch or dinner does not matter. When we heat tea again and again the tannins present in the drink increase at a higher rate and cause various health issues immediately and also its impact is seen in the long run. It causes gas, acidity, indigestion, insomnia and constipation etc. If seen from the Ayurvedic point of view, reheated tea loses its vitality. Drinking such tea proves to be perilous. The energy which a fresh tea accompanies with it, cannot be taken from a reheated tea.

Advice: always make fresh tea before drinking with lots of ginger, cardamom and love!

Through this article, I have tried to make my readers aware of the foods that should not be heated again. I hope my readers will trust me and try to follow as much as they can and live a healthy lifestyle.

I wish my people all the best in health, wealth and life! May you all be healthy forever!

Disclaimer: पर उपलब्ध सभी जानकारी केवल शैक्षिक उद्देश्यों के लिए है। यहां पर दी गयी जानकारी का उपयोग किसी भी स्वास्थ्य संबंधी समस्या के लिए बिना विशेषज्ञ की सलाह के नहीं किया जाना चाहिए। इससे जुड़ी किसी भी समस्या के लिए हमेशा किसी योग्य डॉक्टर से सलाह लेनी चाहिए।

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