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14 Rules To Stay Healthy Till Old Age

14 Rules To Stay Healthy Till Old Age

Innumerable factors contribute to the survival of any organism, of which health comes at the top. If the health of the living being is well maintained and balanced according to its range, then there is a high chance that the survival limit of that living being can be extended.

For this reason, a person is advised to remain healthy so that good health does more than 70% of its work in their life to make them healthy and give them a long life. Let us take you through this article with some suggested rules that a person should adopt if they want to Remain Absolutely Healthy Until Their Old Age.

Why Remaining Healthy Is Important In Survival?

Staying Healthy Is Important For Survival because your health is the only factor that fulfils your body’s survival requirements, whether it is related to food, drink, or activity. Health is the aspect that proves helpful in your overall well-being.

Being healthy keeps you away from most of the diseases, and your body’s internal mechanisms, metabolism, and other body-related systems function properly. So overall, you need to maintain your health to live a happy life; hence, read the following 16 Rules To Stay Healthy Till Old Age carefully and follow them so that you do not have to face any health-related problems.

1. Use Of Himalayan Pink Salt

Using salt in food is very common, and almost all of us consume salt. But have you ever wondered what effect the salt you consume has on your health? If not, then know today because by consuming your regular salt, you are inviting several disorders in your body.

In contrast, if you start using Himalayan Pink Salt (sendha namak) instead of your ordinary salt, then you will see many benefits. Unlike ordinary salt, Pink Himalayan salt does not affect water retention in the body or higher blood pressure.

Use Himalayan Pink Salt instead of ordinary salt in your regular food. You can find positive results in your activities by promoting your heart health as well as optimizing your blood pressure.

2. Regular Walk After Dinner

To maintain good health, everyone gives a lot of importance to walking and exercising; in such a situation, if you adopt even a small fraction of it, it will have a very positive effect on your health. If you walk at least 500 meters after having your dinner, there will be a difference in your digestion and metabolism, due to which you will get good sleep, and there will be no formation of constipation in the body. Along with this, there will also be a restriction on the accumulation of fat in your body.

3. Avoid Consuming Water Immediately After The Food Intake

Typically, it is seen that most people drink water immediately after eating food, whereas they should wait to do so. Doing this affects the digestion of the person, due to which they could not bear proper digestion. To boost your health, you should always drink water at least half an hour after having your meal.

4. Hydration

Be it about trees, plants, or any living creature, water plays a significant role in the lives of all of us, and if the amount of water in your body is reduced, then it can cause many disorders. Thus, it helps if you stay hydrated.

Hence, a person should consume at least 3 to 4 litres of water daily. It has many benefits like it does not allow the water level in your body to decrease, due to which there is very little chance of facing unconsciousness. Apart from this, proper hydration also prevents gallbladder stones.

5. Drinking Water In The Morning

Often, people wake up in the morning and get involved in their work, but research has found that those people who consume water after waking up in the morning have fewer problems with gas and acidity, so you have to try this.

Every day after waking up in the morning before work, you have to drink one glass of lukewarm water, even if you have to force yourself to drink it, but by consuming one glass of lukewarm water, you can see a lot of benefits in your health.

Apart from this, after waking up in the morning, you do not have to start doing your work immediately. Rather, it is very important to first engage your body towards the environment, which you can start by taking a drink and washing your eyes with cold water. Due to this, the amount of toxins in your eyes is reduced, and your eyesight remains intact.

6. Avoid Using Refined Oil

Nowadays, people are mostly using refined oil because it is cheap on the market, but it has many side effects. Consuming such oil increases obesity in the body, which also leads to the formation of more cholesterol.

Cholesterol is the primary cause of Gallbladder Stones in the body. Apart from this, refined oil is also made using many chemical processes, so you can avoid it by using any natural oil or desi ghee. Apart from desi ghee, you can use mustard oil, coconut oil or unrefined sesame oil for cooking.

7. Add Naturally Originated Colorful Food Ingredients

To make your food nutritious, you should consume all types of naturally originated colorful ingredients on a regular basis, such as all vegetables, green vegetables, fruits, flowers etc.

8. Avoid Using White Food Ingredients

Along with the use of fruits and vegetables, you should avoid all those things that are found to be white, such as white sugar or white salt. Apart from this, white rice or white flour should also be avoided in your daily food consumption.

It is because the amount of fiber in all these ingredients is very low while calories are high, which can become an important cause of fat. If you use alternatives instead of avoiding such food ingredients, you will avoid constipation and will also fulfill the needs of nutrients in your body.

9. Avoid Consuming These 3 Things At Night

Perhaps very few people would know that one should never consume rice, curd and kidney beans for dinner because doing so often causes acidity problems in a person’s body, along with weight gain and mild stomach ache. If a person likes to consume these things, then they should consume them during the day only; otherwise, consuming them at night causes great harm.

10. Avoid Consuming Tea And Coffee On An Empty Stomach

It is a common habit of most Indians that as soon as they wake up in the morning, they start consuming tea or coffee on an empty stomach; due to such activities, the formation of acid in their body starts increasing, as a reason, the acidity and constipation may persist. If you want to drink tea or coffee, then always eat something light before consuming such items, which stops the formation of acid in the body.

11. Eat An Apple Daily

You must have read many places or even heard others say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. The very important reason behind this is that any chronic disease in a person’s body is prevented over a regular consumption of apples daily.

12. Walking 10000 Steps Daily

A person should walk about 10000 steps on a daily basis, and it has many benefits. You can use the step counter on your smartphone to count the steps. For us, walking is considered to be the easiest and lightest exercise for the body, so those people who are not able to perform heavy exercise should definitely encourage regular walking and initially try to walk 10,000 steps; after that, you can also increase the count.

13. Drink A Glass Of Lemon Water Daily

It would help if you consume a glass of lemon water daily because Vitamin C is found in lemon, which can prove to be effective in reducing the amount of toxins in your body. Along with this, due to its citric properties, it also helps in reducing the formation of acidity in the body.

It will have an effect, and there is less chance of acidity occurring in your body. Apart from this, due to the properties of lemon, the immune system also gets strengthened, and climate change also does not affect the body.

14. Avoid Drinking Water While Standing

Today, if a person drinks water, they usually do so while standing, but doing so can prove to be negative for your health. Doctors often suggest that you should sit comfortably and drink water as a sip after taking a sip. Along with it, you should always avoid drinking cold water. Even during the summer season, you should avoid refrigerated water and drink water at room temperature or drink water kept in pitchers.


So these were our 14 rules for today, which contribute a lot to keeping a person healthy for a long time. These have proven to be very effective, and today, almost everyone wants to be healthy, so if that person follows all these rules, then it is obvious that there are very few chances of developing a health issue. With it, you get a boost in living a healthy life. Hopefully, you have found this write-up useful, so stay connected with us for such health-related information and keep reading our write-ups continuously.

Disclaimer: पर उपलब्ध सभी जानकारी केवल शैक्षिक उद्देश्यों के लिए है। यहां पर दी गयी जानकारी का उपयोग किसी भी स्वास्थ्य संबंधी समस्या के लिए बिना विशेषज्ञ की सलाह के नहीं किया जाना चाहिए। इससे जुड़ी किसी भी समस्या के लिए हमेशा किसी योग्य डॉक्टर से सलाह लेनी चाहिए।

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