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Dr. Syed Najeeb Biography, Educational Qualification & Contact Details

Dr. Najeeb Lectures

Dr. Najeeb lectures

Real nameDr. Syed Najeeb
Known as Dr. Najeeb lectures
Age (as of 2024)59 year old
Marital statusMarried
ProfessionDoctor and online educator
DesignationMedical Science teacher
Higher QualificationMD

Who is Dr. Najeeb lectures

The name “Dr. Najeeb Lectures” is famous in every corner of the world. The real name of “Dr. Najeeb Lectures” is Dr. Syed Najeeb, he is a Pakistani doctor and medical teacher and as of now, his age is 59 years.

He has improved the education system of many students by providing online education, which is why he is honoured and liked as the best medical teacher in almost every country.

Dr. Syed Najeeb was born in Pakistan, he belongs to a common Pakistani family. He received his schooling in Pakistan and also completed his graduation from his birthplace (Pakistan). Later he went to America for a master’s degree education and completed post-graduation from there.

With the help of his videos, many students prepared for MBBS without any coaching institute and on the basis of his lectures, they took a good medical college and completed MBBS degree and this is the reason why he came to be known as “Dr. Najeeb Lectures”.

His teaching style and method are different from others, he presents every detail in his lectures so that all types of information can be covered from the selected subject or topic.

His language is also very simple due to which it is easy for any student in the world to understand the subject.

Dr. Syed Najeeb Wikipedia, Personal Information, Wiki, Bio, Info

Real nameDr. Syed Najeeb
Better known asDr. Najeeb lectures
CasteMuslim caste
Zodiac signSagittarius ♐
Age (as of 2024)59 year old
Date of birth10 December 1964
Birthday10 December
BirthplaceLahore, Pakistan
ProfessionDoctor, medical science teacher/ online educator
Residential addressAmerica

Dr. Syed Najeeb‘s physical measurements, height, weight

Dr. Syed Najeeb’s height5’10” feet
Dr. Syed Najeeb’s weight72  kilograms
Skin colourFair skin
Eye colourBlack
Hair colourBlack
HairstyleShort hair
Body typeFit

Dr. Syed Najeeb aka Dr. Najeeb Lectures Biography, Life introduction

“Doctor Syed Najeeb”, popularly known as “Dr. Naseeb Lecturers”, is a Pakistani doctor and teacher. He was born on 10 December 1964 in Lahore, Pakistan. He has 22 years of experience or it has been about 22 years since he has been teaching students as a teacher, he has been educating students as a teacher for more than 22 years, a long time.

Doctor Syed Najeeb is known as the best science teacher on YouTube, other social media platforms and the Internet. This is really commendable work because his videos on all subjects related to science are made available on YouTube absolutely free of cost. This is most important for those students who have to study MBBS. Almost every student who is related to MBBS definitely watches the videos of Dr Najeeb somewhere. And his videos prove to be very helpful for all those students. 

He has done many types of research in his life and treated thousands of people, but if we talk about today’s time, then at present Dr. Najeeb Syed is most liked as an online medical science educator.

His videos are available on all internet websites and social media platforms, he has taught millions of students with the help of his education and experience. From the beginning, his main goal was that he would present almost every type of information related to science through his videos, due to which all the students could get an opportunity to improve their education.

Dr.Syed also started his YouTube channel keeping in mind that he would make his videos available for free to every student in every corner of the world who is weak in financial condition and according to this objective, he grew up and has also educated millions of students through his YouTube channel and is still doing it.

 Apart from this, if there is any student who wants to study from Dr. Syed separately or by taking a paid plan, then for that Dr. Syed has also started a paid membership program, the information of which will be given in this article.

In this article, we will also look at all those things that are really worth knowing and about which people are eager to know. We will also talk about which subjects Dr. Syed teaches and in which subjects he has the best grip so that it will be easy for you to get a good paid plan.

Through this article, we will discuss his personal life and also take the opinion of the people and know the opinion of those who have studied with Dr. Saeed’s paid membership.

Inspirational and Success Story of Dr. Syed Najeeb

The life of Dr Najeeb Lectures is indeed a source of inspiration for all of us. Dr Najeeb, while talking about his past life, has said that there was a time when he used to study sitting under the street light.

This is about 35 years old when there were not as many facilities as there are today. At that time, he did not have any kind of light facility so that he could study at night and to avoid this problem, he used to study sitting under the street light.

Dr Najeeb has also said that when he used to study, his other friends used to play in the field and he also felt sad about that, he also played with his friends but he convinced himself and focused on education.

Dr Najeeb Syed had a goal from the beginning to he would make his career in medical science and treat people by becoming the best doctor in the world.  Let us tell you that Doctor Najeeb’s video has been viewed about 10 crore times in more than 190 countries of the world and Doctor Najeeb is known as the best medical science educator in 190 countries.

Dr. Syed Najeeb’s early life, career and struggle

When Dr. Najeeb was studying in school, he thought that he wanted to become a good doctor but he also knew that to become a doctor, he would have to work very hard and face various challenges, only then he would be able to become a good doctor and bring glory to himself and his family.

Keeping this in mind, he completed his primary education, after completing his primary education, Dr. Najeeb took admission in a medical college from where he studied MBBS and completed his graduation in 1990.

After completing his graduation, he started treating people as a doctor and also started teaching his juniors.

Dr. Najeeb lectures YouTube channel

The YouTube channel named Dr Najeeb Lectures was started in America on 14 June 2009. This YouTube channel has more than 21 lakh subscribers and 1500 videos have been uploaded on this channel.

One day after starting the channel on 15 June 2009, Dr Najeeb uploaded the first video. This video was uploaded with the name “renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system” but the video uploaded about 9 years later on 9 February 2018, proved to be the most liked video on this channel.

Due to this video, Dr Najeeb Lectures got a different identity in the whole world. This video was uploaded with the “types of jaundice, cause, symptoms and treatment” title.

 Dr. Najeeb lectures on education qualification

Early education of Dr. Syed NajeebLahore Pakistan
School nameLahore public school
Undergraduate degreeMBBS from Pakistan
Post GraduationMD from USA
College or university nameNot known
University or college passing date1990
SubjectsScience stream

Dr. Syed Najeeb‘s Family information

Father’s nameMr. Najeeb
Mother’s nameMrs. Najeeb
Wife NameMomina Rabiba (passed)
Son (2)
Zeeshan Najeeb (passed)

Faraz Najeeb

Dr. Syed Najeeb with her Son Zeeshan Najeeb

Dr. Syed Najeeb’s Instagram information

Dr. Najeeb Lectures created his Instagram account in the year 2015.

His Instagram account has more than 2 lakh followers and 977 posts have been uploaded. He follows about 265 people on his Instagram. If you want more information about his Instagram account, then click on the link given below.

Dr. Najeeb lectures paid subscription and its benefits

  • More than 1000+ Medical lecturers
  • Basic medical science and clinical medicine
  • Mobile-friendly interface with Android and iOS apps
  • English subtitles and new videos every week
  • Download option for offline video playback
  • Fanatic customer support 24× 7
  • Fast video playback option
  • Trusted by 20+ lakh students in 190 countries

Dr. Syed Najeeb‘s salary, income and Net Worth

Dr. Najeeb lectures  earning/ monthly income- 3 lakhs rupees (approx)

Dr. Najeeb lectures  Net worth –  20 crores (approx)

Source of income –  clinic/hospital, teaching and other sources

Dr. Syed Najeeb’s address and hometown

Residence address  –  USA

Home Town–  Lahore Pakistan

Dr. Syed Najeeb‘s contact details

Dr. Najeeb lectures mobile number- +923432310000

Dr. Najeeb lectures WhatsApp number – +923432310000

LinkedIn –

Dr. Najeeb lectures Insta I’d –               

Twitter account – @drnajeeb

Quora – Dr_najeeb_lectures-7

Dr. Najeeb lectures YouTube –

Facebook account –   

email/Gmail account –

Website –

Q & A

Q. Who is Dr. Najeeb lectures?

Ans.  The name “Dr. Najeeb Lectures” is famous in every corner of the world. The real name of “Dr. Najeeb Lectures” is Dr. Syed Najeeb, he is a Pakistani doctor and medical teacher and as of now, his age is 59 years.

Q. Why Dr. Najeeb lectures are so famous?

Ans.  Dr. Najeeb lectures is one of the most loved and trending doctors in India and is more famous on social media platforms

Q. How many students have been taught by dr. Najeeb Lectures?

Ans. More than 20 lakhs

Q. How old are Dr. Najeeb lectures?

Ans.  59 year old

Q. Does Dr. Syed Najeeb drink alcohol?

Ans. No

Q. Is Dr. Syed Najeeb a social media influencer also?

Ans.  Yes

Q. Is Dr. Syed Najeeb his own hospital and research centre?

Ans. Yes, he owns the hospital and clinic.

Q. How much experience Dr. Najeeb lectures have?

Ans.  More than 22 years of experience.

Q. How many languages does she know?

Ans.Hindi, English, Punjabi

Q. How to meet Dr. Najeeb lectures?

Ans. By Calling him and contacting him via social media.

Q. What is the name of Dr. Najeeb lectures wife?

Ans. Late. Momina Rabiba

Q. Number of the students of Dr. Najeeb lecture?

Ans. He has taught more than 20 lakh students from 190+ different countries.

Syllabus covered by Dr. Najeeb Lectures

1. Anatomy:

   – Gross anatomy of all major body systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, nervous, musculoskeletal)

   – Neuroanatomy

   – Histology

2. Physiology:

   – Cardiovascular physiology

   – Respiratory physiology

   – Renal physiology

   – Endocrine physiology

3. Biochemistry:

   – Cellular metabolism

   – Protein structure and function

   – Nucleic acid chemistry

   – Enzyme kinetics

4. Pathology:

   – General pathology principles

   – Specific disease pathologies (cardiovascular diseases, neoplasms, infectious diseases)

   – Histopathology

5. Pharmacology:

   – Mechanism of action of drugs

   – Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

   – Drug classes and their clinical applications

6. Clinical Medicine:

   – Symptomatology and diagnosis

   – Treatment approaches for common medical conditions

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