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Dr. Kashika Jain (Psychologist) Biography, Educational Qualification, Age & Contact Details

Dr. Kashika Jain

Quick info about Dr. Kashika Jain

Real name Dr.Kashika Jain
Better known asPsychologist Kashika Jain
ProfessionPsychologist, Psychologist & Hypnotherapist and life coach counsellor
Higher QualificationDoctor of Philosophy – PhD from Chaudhary Charan Singh University
Professional Experience10+ years
founder ofWonderful You (Psycho Solution Clinic)
RegistrationRCI Registered Psychologist

Who is Dr. Kashika Jain

“Dr.Kashika Jain”, who has been honoured with various awards in the country and has mastered advanced therapy, is a psychologist by profession.

Kashika Jain provides all types of psychological services, which means she is capable of every kind of Psychological treatment without any medication help. She is being liked a lot as a celebrity on Instagram.

Dr.Kashika Jain achieved many great achievements in her life. Kashika has received the title of the best female coach in Delhi and she is also famous for playing a key role in providing the most successful therapy, health education and awareness campaign in the country.

Dr. Kashika Jain has about 10 years of experience and in these 10 years, she has understood all kinds of knowledge related to her profession, she gained formal experience and informal experience very well and has always worked to make herself the best.

Today Kashika Jain has a different identity on almost all social media platforms and thousands of girls want to be like her, hence Kashika Jain is the role model of thousands of girls and women.

We inform all our readers that in this article Kashika Jain’s personal life and professional life are fully explained so through this article we will also discuss Kashika’s experience, her previous cases’s results, patients’ opinions, achievements and some asked questions related to her so please read the article till the end.

Facts you should know about Dr. Kashika Jain

  • Dr. Kashika Jain is the founder of “Wonderful You” Psycho Solution Clinic.
  • She also provides an online counselling facility
  • She charges rs 7000 per counselling session.
  • She is considered the advanced therapist and best psychologist
  • Dr. Kashika Jain does not believe in medication treatment, she treats without any chemical medicine.
  • She has a good sense of humour.
  • She is also known as the best motivational speaker
  • Psychologist in Meerut Dr Kashika Jain

Dr. Kashika Jain Wikipedia, personal information, wiki, bio, info

Real nameDr. Kashika Jain
Zodiac signGemini ♊
Age36 year
Marital statusMarried
DesignationLife coach and counsellor
Other ActivityLife Coach, Counsellor, Motivational Speaker, Author, Blogger
Date of birth18 June 1988
Birthday18 June
BirthplaceUttar Pradesh
ProfessionDoctor (Psychologist)
Residential address4th Floor, Krishna Tower, Mangal Panday Nagar, Meerut. Landmark:- Near Dr. Vivek Jain, Meerut 250004

Dr. Kashika Jain’s physical measurements, height, weight

Dr. Kashika Jain’s height 5’6″ feet
Dr. Kashika Jain’s weightApprox 60 kilograms
Skin colour Fair
Eye colourDark brown
Hair colourBlack
HairstyleLong Hairstyles
Body type Fit Body

Dr. Kashika Jain Biography

Internationally renowned and well-known psychologist Dr. Kashika Jain was born in Uttar Pradesh on 18 June 1988. She was born in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh and after birth, she also completed her early education from her birthplace. Later she obtained the degree of Bachelor of Science and after that, she obtained a master’s degree in psychology and then started working as a psychologist.

  • Dr. Kashika Jain is an Internationally Renowned Award-Winning, Celebrity Psychologist, NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist, Author and Inspirational Speaker. She is also registered under RCI. She Specialises in psychological counselling and therapies.
  • Dr. Jain addresses a wide range of issues including OCD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fears and phobias, stress, anger and couple relationships.
  • One notable aspect of her approach is her commitment to treating psychological issues without medication.
  • According to her philosophy, she believes that true transformation in thought processes cannot be achieved through medication alone.

She started her career in the year 2010.

Dr. Kashika Jain’s work experience

 Professional experience

  • She has treated more than 40 thousand people as Psychologist & Psychotherapist
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Psychometric Tool Analyst
  • Leadership Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Wellness Coach
  • Relationship & Personality Expert
  • Author & Motivational Trainer

Dr. Kashika Jain’s Education qualification

  • Schooling
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy – PhD from Chaudhary Charan Singh University

Dr. Kashika Jain’s early life and career

Dr. Kashika Jain has changed the lives of more than 40 thousand people in her career, Dr. Kashika Jain has been successful in treating all these people as an excellent psychologist.

Due to the training and therapy provided by her, many people have got immediate relief from problems like depression and anxiety. Let us tell you that Kashika Jain is also capable of easily getting rid of relationship-related problems.

It is considered the best psychologist in terms of advanced therapy. Kashika Jain has easily solved various types of cases and as a psychologist, she has provided a better way to people struggling with mental illness.

 Later she established the “Wonderful You” Psychology Clinic so that peace and happiness could come in the lives of people and as a good social reformer in society, she can make a psychologically illness-free society.

 Kashika Jain started a camping program called “Wonderful Mind Mission” at the national level, the purpose of this mission was to eradicate mental health and mental disorders from the root and create awareness among people, however, this aim was achieved in a very short time and at present also she is moving forward with next level purpose.

Let us tell you that Kashika Jain also included big politicians and Bollywood stars in her mission so that she gets good results on a large scale. Meanwhile, famous journalists and artists of the country also appreciated the work of Kashika Jain and honoured her with awards.

This work was presented at the national level through magazines and newspapers. Kashika Jain started providing services of seminars, training, therapy etc. in the year 2010 and till now she has organised seminars at many places outside the country and invited VIP people to it, she also gave information as a speaker in international seminars held in Singapore and Malaysia.

Kashika Jain currently keeps giving information through her videos on almost all social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram etc. She has explained in detail about psychological problems on her YouTube channel.

Awards and Achievements

  • Pride Of Bharat Award in 2023
  • Most Trusted Psychologist in 2024
  • Nari Shakti ko Pranam in 2019 by Brijbhoomi Foundation
  • Alora Mrs India in 2019
  • Nari Shakti Samman in 2018 by Ngo
  • Chandragupta Maurya Award in 2018
  • Aesthetics Style Icon Award in 2015
  • Responsible Citizen in 2015 by MCMI Ngo
  • 16th Film Media Award in Education Category “Best Counselor & Trainer” by UP Film Association in 2014.
  • Empowered woman award in 2014
  • Woman with SPARK award in 2013
  • Honoured as Mrs Meerut in 2010

Dr. Kashika Jain’s services 

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship solution
  • Child Counselling
  • Insomnia
  • Dementia
  • Mania
  • Husband wife relationship
  • Child bonding
  • Phobia
  • Autism
  • Addiction
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • OCD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Adhd
  • Schizophrenia
  • Anger
  • Weight loss counselling
  • Career counselling
  • Psychological counselling

Dr. Kashika Jain’s family information


Dr. Kashika Jain’s salary, income and Net Worth

Dr. Kashika Jain’s earning/ monthly income – 2.5 lakhs Indian currency (approx)

Dr. Kashika Jain’s Net worth – 30 crores in Indian currency (approx)

Source of income – clinic, promotion, sponsored, social media platforms, business etc.

Social media pages of Dr. Kashika Jain

S/NSocial media platformLinkSubscribersActivities
1.YouTubeClick5+ lakhsJoined in 2011
2.InstagramClick160KJoined in 2015
4.Facebook accountClick454K
5Download Android ApplicationClick100K+
Updated on
Mar 27, 2024

Dr. Kashika Jain’s contact details

Dr. Kashika Jain’s mobile number – +91-7017088338

Dr. Kashika Jain’s WhatsApp number – +91-9897121440

Email/Gmail account –

Website – ,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Dr. Kashika Jain?

Ans “Dr.Kashika Jain”, who has been honoured with various awards in the country and has mastered advanced therapy, is a psychologist by profession.

Q. Why do patients visit Dr. Kashika Jain?

Ans.  She is the best psychologist counsellor

Q. What is the specialisation of Dr. Kashika Jain?

Ans. Psychology

Q. What is the education qualification of Dr. Kashika Jain?

Ans.  Master of Science

Q. What is the address of Dr. Kashika Jain’s clinic/hospital?

Ans. 4th Floor, Krishna Tower, Mangal Panday Nagar, Meerut Uttar Pradesh

Q. How many years of experience does Dr. Kashika Jain have?

Ans.  10 years of professional experience

Q. How to book an appointment with Dr. Kashika Jain?

Ans.  Via contacting

Q. Can I book an online consultation with Dr. Kashika Jain?

Ans. Yes

Q. What are the charges and Counselling fees of Dr. Kashika Jain?

Ans. Rs 7000

Q. What is the consultation timing of Dr. Kashika Jain for an appointment?

Ans. 6 am to 9 pm

Q. Kashika Jain’s clinic time and address?

Ans. Working days – Monday to Saturday

 time- between 9 am – 6 pm.

Q. Which languages Dr. Kashika Jain know?

Ans.English, Hindi

Q. Dr. Kashika Jain’s address and hometown?

Ans. Meerut Uttar Pradesh

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