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Dr Ganesh Baraiya Biography, Personal Information, Education Qualification, Family, Age


Quick Info about Dr. Ganesh Baraiya

Real NameDr. Ganesh Baraiya
Known asDr. Ganesh Baraiya Bhavnagar
Age (as of 2024)23 years
Marital StatusNot revealed
ProfessionDoctor, Physician
QualificationSpecialization in physician
Experience2 years of experience
Patient SatisfactionSatisfied patients rate is 10 out of 10
Overall Review9.8 out of 10
Dr Ganesh Baraiya Biography

Who is Dr. Ganesh Baraiya

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya is famous for his tough journey fighting against the government and his height of being 3 feet (0.91 m). He had completed the course Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). Because of his small height, the Medical Council of India had cancelled the degree of MBBS by arguing that he could not handle the emergency cases due to his small height.

He never turned back and fought against the Medical Council of India in the Court and won in 2018. Hey everyone today in this article we will talk all about Dr. Ganesh Baraiya

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya Wikipedia, personal information, wiki, bio, info

Full NameDr. Ganesh Baraiya
SpecialistSurgery and Medicine
Decade of Birth2000’s
Residential(Gujarat) Not Revealed Yet
Date of Birthday2001
Dr Ganesh Baraiya Biography

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya‘s physical fitness, height, weight

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya‘s height3 feet (0.91 m)
Dr. Ganesh Baraiya‘s weight18 kilograms
Skin colourFair skin
Eye colourblack
Hair colourBlack
Dr Ganesh Baraiya Biography

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya Biography, Life Introduction

Doctor Ganesh Baraiya Is an Indian doctor and physician. Recently, he became very popular due to his small height of being 3 feet and 4 inches And his special and tough journey to get his right. 

He is a physician in Bhavnagar, Gujarat government hospital, At the first time when he started reading his patients, he looked very embarrassed because of his height. But he at the next moment also gets the deep Bond with the patient because of his manners.

He was born in Gujarat, India. Is the body got affected by dwarfism? Dr Ganesh Baraiya completed so many courses in medicine to overcome his problems.

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya‘s Early Life and Career

Doctor Ganesh Baraiya’s early life and career are full of determination and challenges. Born in Gujarat, India, He faced so many challenges because of his small height of 3 feet tall.

From his childhood, he only wanted to become a doctor and his dedication made him a doctor in 2019. Before getting the title of DR. he was told by the Medical Council that he can not become a doctor but after his dedication, he appealed the case in the Supreme Court and won his battle to become a Doctor.

In the Past of his life during primary and secondary education he was suppressed for being a dwarf, but with his exceptional ability to crack his challenges he never gave up.

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya‘s meeting procedure

If anyone wants to meet Dr. Ganesh Baraiya for treatment, he can visit the government Hospital of Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Simply get the receipt from the counter and you can visit Dr. Ganesh Baraiya for free.

Services provided by Dr. Ganesh Baraiya

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya gives the service of Physician and Medical knowledge.

  • Diagnose conditions and injuries.
  • Conduct routine check-ups.
  • Recommend medical tests for further diagnosis.
  • Assess a patient’s condition and review medical history.
  • Prescribe medication and treatment.
  • Assist in routine surgery.

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya‘s favourite things

NameFavourite Things
FoodNot known
BookNot known
PersonNot Revealed yet
HobbiesIce cream, reading books

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya‘s education qualification

Early education of Dr. Ganesh BaraiyaNursery class
School name (class 1-10)Nilkanth Vidyapeeth
Current classBachelor of Surgery
Undergraduate degreeMBBS
Post GraduationNot completed yet
College or university nameBhavnagar Gujarat
University or college passing date2018
Intermediate87% Percentile

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya‘s wife and family information

Father’s name of Dr. Ganesh Baraiya
Vithal Baraiya
Mother’s name of Dr. Ganesh Baraiya
Devuben Baraiya
Brother and FriendRevaish Servaiya
Sister7 Sisters

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya and his social media information

After getting admission in his College, he became more social than before. He is also active on X (formerly known as Twitter) and Instagram.


Ganesh Baraiya 🇮🇳-Twitter

Ganesh-Baraiya Profiles-Facebook

Name of Instagram HandleDR.GANESH BARAIYA🇮🇳
Instagram handle link@ganeshbaraiya1
Instagram followers3.5 k
Twitter XGanesh Baraiya
Twitter profile link@BaraiyaGanesh4 (126 followers)
joined twitterNovember 2018
YouTube ChannelGanesh Baraiya
Channel link@ganeshbaraiya3615
YouTube channel Subscriber675 subscribers

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya‘s salary, income, and Net Worth

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya Salary: 1 lakh per month

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya Net worth: 10 lakhs by his profession

Source of income: Govt. Hospital Bhavnagar salary.

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya, Instagram information

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya Instagram account is @ganeshbaraiya01 has 3500 followers.

Dr. Ganesh Baraiya‘s address and hometown

Home town of Dr. Ganesh Baraiya is a Gorkhi village in the Bhavnagar district, Gujarat.

Facts about Dr. Ganesh Baraiya

  • Dr. Ganesh Baraiya completed his education at Neelkanth Vidyapeeth
  • He completed his MBBS in 2018
  • He has visited Taiwan China
  • MBBS from GMC Bhavnagar
  • Dr. Ganesh Baraiya is a fan of Narendra Modi

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