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Dr. Eric Berg Biography, Educational Qualification, Age & Contact Details

Dr Eric Berg DC

Quick info about Dr. Eric Berg

Real nameDr. Eric Berg DC
Known asDr. Eric Berg
Age (as of 2024)59 year old
Marital statusMarried
DesignationHealthy ketosis and intermittent fasting
Higher QualificationMaster in Skincare and nutrients

About Dr. Eric Berg

Dr. Eric Berg is a healthy ketosis and intermittent fasting specialist who became famous all over the world in the year 2017-18 through YouTube and other social media, he is an American doctor. He is better known as Dr. Eric Berg DC.

In today’s time, crores of different types of videos are available on YouTube which are related to health and medicine, but Dr. Eric Berg explains all the information and medical remedies on YouTube very well, which hardly any other doctor has told before and this is the reason that today he is liked not only in America but all over the world.

Dr. Eric Berg has crores of fans in India itself. He reaches people with all kinds of information which is very important. Till now, he has trained more than 2500 people through his course. He has explained the information of anthropology in simple language to many people by telling them about interesting facts related to physical diseases and physical health. Since Dr. Eric Berg was in college, he dreamed many types of dreams for public welfare and he moved forward to fulfil them.

At present, he has been included in the list of top doctors of the world.  From common people to intelligence agencies like the FBI of America, everyone follows the path shown by him. Although he had no interest in making a channel on YouTube, when millions of people encouraged him and the respect he got from them inspired him to start YouTube.

When he started working as a doctor, he felt that he would probably be able to help only a few people and would be able to tell his point to only a select few. Keeping this in mind, he took the help of social media so that he could provide service to every area of ​​the world.

Dr. Eric Berg’s YouTube channel is such a wonderful channel where you will be able to get all kinds of information absolutely free. He has given information about almost every type of disease and other physical disorders.

Dr. Eric Berg Wikipedia, Personal Information, wiki, Bio, Info

Real nameDr. Eric Berg DC
Better known as Dr. Eric Berg
Zodiac signAries
Age (as of 2024)59 years
Date of birth31 March 1965
Birthday31 March
Birth placeCalifornia USA
Residential addressUSA

Dr. Eric Berg’s physical measurements, height, weight

Dr. Eric Berg height5’9″ feet
Dr. Eric Berg  weight70  kg
Skin colourFair skin
Eye colourBlack
Hair colourBlack
Hair styleShort hair
Body typeFit
Birthmark or tattooNo
Other secret factsNo

Dr. Eric Berg‘s Biography, Life Introduction

Dr. Eric Berg was born around 1964. The exact information related to his birth is not available on the internet, due to which we are unable to give the exact information related to Dr. Eric Berg’s birth, but let us tell you that his college education started in the year 1988, so he graduated from Davenport’s Chiropractic College in 1988, that is, he completed graduation and is known as a chiropractor.

He worked as a certified chiropractor in these three American states including Virginia, California and Louisiana, before this he had also completed 2 years of graduation.

After college, he also did research with many other institutions and gained experience. He is also considered a better writer because he has also written many books, he wrote books by giving a new profession to his experience and knowledge, but the most liked and famous book was “Book Written about Fat Burning”, this book became famous all over the world and the name of Dr. Eric Berg came to the fore, since then he got a different identity.

He has presented many other measures and precautions to reduce weight and keep the body healthy to the people through his book. Apart from this, he has also written for thousands of magazines and other journals and has also worked on women’s development. All the work done by him shows that Dr. Eric Berg has a lot of passion for public welfare and social service.

Let us tell you that in view of Dr. Eric Berg’s ability, experience and success, he has been invited as a chief guest in many American TV shows and other social shows, that is, Dr. Eric Berg you see on YouTube is really a great doctor.

In today’s article, we will present all kinds of information related to Dr. Eric Berg and will also discuss other facts related to his life.

Dr. Eric Berg’s early life, career

Dr Eric Berg’s career started as a healthy ketosis and intermittent fasting expert, but he believes that his actual career started after connecting with millions of people, so when Dr Berg presented his research and experience to the whole world through books, that is considered to be the most beautiful moment of his career.

He has made his name by working hard day and night. He says that if our life wants to make us struggle, then we should not step back. Dr Berg shares very important information by making thousands of people aware through the keto health summit every year.

The Success Story of Dr. Eric Berg

Dr. Eric Berg has a speciality, he presents his point in such a way that everyone can easily understand it and this is the reason that in today’s time crores of people like Dr. Eric Berg’s YouTube channel because through his YouTube channel and other social media, he explains the information related to every kind of disease in his own words and by presenting examples so that everyone can easily understand the symptoms of the disease and the measures to prevent the disease. He has also written books related to some important nutrients related to health such as Vitamin D, Potassium, Calcium and other important nutrients so he is called Amazon’s best seller.

Dr. Eric Berg has about 30 years of experience and he has played an important role in public welfare by meeting and contacting about 40 thousand people and presenting his knowledge.

As we have already told in the previous information that he has trained about 2500 people, he has also done many types of research along with his school friends and his seniors. In one of his interviews, he described all these people as an important part of success.

In today’s time, people from every corner of the world come to meet Dr. Eric Berg and Dr. Eric Berg always welcomes all of them at his home and apart from this, there are some government institutions which are working on the book written by Dr. Eric Berg and other research, that is, government institutions are also working with Dr. Eric Berg in medical science.

The American Intelligence Agency and other intelligence agencies are also moving forward with the help of Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Eric Berg has a lot of support. You can guess his personality and popularity from this that the FBI Intelligence Agency of America also gives importance to Dr. Eric Berg as a specialist.

Dr. Eric Berg’s YouTube channel

 Dr Eric Berg started his YouTube channel on 25 November 2008 but he started uploading videos on his channel on 19 December 2008. He filmed and uploaded the first video on his channel about a former NFL player.

The video uploaded in the year 2018 became the most-liked video on his channel to date. In this video, he shared information about the reaction caused by sugar in our bodies. His channel has more than 1 crore subscribers and around 5 thousand videos have been uploaded. In total, he has uploaded more than 6 thousand videos but due to some reason, some videos had to be removed from his channel.

Dr Berg worked on the YouTube channel from night to 4 in the morning, then he achieved success. By clicking on the given link, you will be able to access its YouTube channel directly.

Dr. Eric Berg DC courses

Dr Berg also provides various types of courses and thousands of people are happy with his courses. People have shared posts on social media and written that the course prepared by Dr Berg and the book written by him is really commendable.

He has prepared the book by studying in detail and writing in simple words.

If you want information about his course, then you can see it by clicking on the link given below.*va564r*_gcl_au*OTMxODE0MzU2LjE3MTQ5MzAzMTc.*FPAU*OTMxODE0MzU2LjE3MTQ5MzAzMTc.

 Dr. Eric Berg’s education qualification

Early education of Dr. Eric Berg Junior class to higher education
DegreeDoctor of Chiropractic degree in 1988 at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa
Post GraduationMaster in Skincare and nutrients
Undergraduate2 years of undergraduate pre-med studies at the University of Wisconsin Parkside.
CollegeUniversity of Wisconsin Parkside, Parkside, in 1983
Board-certified chiropractor in three statesBoard-certified chiropractor in three states
 Trainingas an X-ray technician through St. Phillips College in Texas

Dr. Eric Berg’s family information

Father’s NameNot known
Mother’s NameNot known
Wife NameKaren Berg
Son nameLan Berg aka Lan Rafalko
Eric Berg with Son Lan Berg

Jordan Berg
Eric Berg with Son Jordan BergEric Berg with Son Jordan Berg
DaughterAllison berg
Eric Berg with Son Allison Berg

Dr. Eric Berg’s Instagram information

There are more than 10 lakh followers on his Instagram account. He is liked a lot on Instagram as well as YouTube, every day some video goes viral and Dr Eric remains in the news.

He has uploaded around 12 thousand posts on his Instagram account. If you want other information about his account, please click on the link given below.

Dr. Eric Berg’s salary, income and Net Worth

Dr. Eric Berg’s earnings/ monthly income – not known

Dr. Eric Berg’s Net worth – Not known

Source of income –  Government salary/business/social media and more

Dr. Eric Berg/s address and hometown

Address – 4501 Ford Avenue, Alexandria, United States

Dr. Eric Berg’s contact details

Dr. Eric Berg’s mobile number- +1-703-354-7336

Dr. Eric Berg WhatsApp number – +1-703-354-7336

Dr. Eric Berg  Insta I’d –        

Twitter account – @drericberg

Dr. Eric Berg YouTube –

Website –

Q & A

Q. Who is Dr. Eric Berg?

Ans.  Dr. Eric Berg is a healthy ketosis and intermittent fasting specialist who became famous all over the world in the year 2017-18 through YouTube and other social media, he is an American doctor.

Q. Why Dr. Eric Berg is famous?

Ans. He provides free valuable information on YouTube.

Q. What is the rank of  Dr. Eric Berg in the world?

Ans. 1st rank on YouTube in that category.

Q. How old is Dr. Eric Berg?

Ans.  59 year old

Q. What are Dr. Eric Berg’s charges and fees?

Ans. Free and paid both types of services are available.

Q. Does Dr. Eric Berg drink alcohol?

Ans. No

Q. Is Dr. Eric Berg a social media influencer also?

Ans.  Yes

Q. Is Dr. Eric Berg has own hospital and research centres?

Ans. Yes 

Q. How much experience Dr. Eric Berg has?

Ans.  More than 30 years

Q. Does Dr. Eric Berg smoke?

Ans. No

Q. How many languages does she know?

Ans. English, Spanish

Q. How to meet Dr. Eric Berg?

Ans. By Calling him and via social media

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