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Dhyaanguru Dr. Nipun Aggarwal MD Biography, Educational Qualification & Contact Details

Dr Nipun Aggarwal

Quick Info about Dr. Nipun Aggarwal

Real nameDr. Nipun Aggarwal
Known asDhyaanguru dr.Nipun
Age42 year old
Marital statusMarried
Designation and OccupationSpiritual Guide, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Mentor and Motivator
Higher QualificationMD and MBA in healthcare
ExperienceOver 20 years of experience

About Dr. Nipun Aggarwal

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal, famous all over the world by the name “Dhyaanguru Dr Nipun”, is an Indian native and his real name is Dr Nipun Agarwal.

Dr Nipun Agarwal is a physician by profession but he has done many works for public welfare with the help of Hinduism, science and Indian culture. He completed his studies as a doctor and then adopted the religious path and started giving various types of training to make people aware and bring peace to people’s lives, due to which people addressed him as Dhyaanguru.

In today’s time, he is honoured as an excellent Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Mentor, Motivator, Doctor and Spiritual Guide etc. Dr Nipun Agarwal has made the lives of millions of people happy by combining his experience and knowledge with psychology, science, Hinduism and holy mantras together.

He is a doctor by profession, due to which he works by maintaining a balance between both science and spirituality and this is his speciality.

He is also known as the doctor of the body and the doctor of the soul

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal’s Wikipedia, Personal Information, Wiki, Bio, Info

Real nameDr. Nipun Aggarwal
Better known asDhyaanguru dr.Nipun
Zodiac signPisces ♓
Age42 year old
Date of birth6 March 1982
OccupationSpiritual Guide, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Mentor and Motivator, Youtuber
Residential addressUnited States

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal’s physical measurements, height, weight

 Dr. Nipun Aggarwal’s height5’9″ feet
Dr. Nipun Aggarwal’s weight68  kilograms
Skin colourFair skin
Hair colourBlack

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal Biography

Famous physician and Dhyaanguru Dr. Nipun Agarwal was born on 6 March 1982 in India. Nipun Agarwal is a doctor by profession and has played an important role in public welfare in his 44 years of life.

Now talking about his childhood, after birth, he was sent to a nearby school from where he started his primary education. In the year 1989, when Nipun Agarwal was 7 years old, he was studying in a private school, then for the first time a fact related to science came to his mind and as he grew older, he became more interested in science.

After a few years, when he completed his schooling, he was admission in high school to graduate.

Giving information about himself, Dr. Nipun Agarwal said that when he was in the third year of medical school, he saw his cousin coming to India from America for the first time. His cousin was getting training in medical science in America. 

Dr. Agrawal said that besides being a good brother, he was also a good friend and they had a very close friendship and used to share things about the future life, then for the first time, his brother told Nipun to come to America and said that he can get a better education in science from there.

Well, when Nipun Agarwal completed his third year and completed his education in medical school, he decided to go to America, that was his first time. Let us tell you that during that time, Dr. Nipun Agarwal had also prepared for an exam called USMLE.

All the other friends of Dr. Nipun started planning with each other to get training from colleges and research institutes located in America to make a bright future. One morning, a new turn came in his life.

Dr. Nipun Agarwal was fond of adopting a good routine from the beginning. He used to wake up early in the morning and read the newspaper every day.

He loved reading newspapers and usually, he read the newspaper along with drinking tea every day. One day he read an advertisement about a personality development workshop. Since then, the headline of the newspaper got into his mind that he will gain education, skills and experience in healthcare, personality development and in future will also train people in this field.

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal’s early life and career

As we have already discussed on this topic, Dr Nipun Aggarwal had planned to take education related to personality development and healthcare, then he made his career according to the same plan.

When Nipun started taking lectures, he saw a lot of change in himself. He was surprised to see how only a few things have the ability to change a person’s perspective. As he learned about this subject in depth, his interest increased suddenly.

After some time, the family and friends of Dr Nipun Agarwal also saw a complete change in Nipun, the change was such that it seemed as if another Version of Nipun Agarwal had come.

After this, his confidence increased and he was very happy to see all this from then Nipun started training people as a DhyaanGuru. He also talked about Indian culture, civilization and the sacred mantras of Hinduism.

He also did a lot of research about consciousness and created the best way so that he could give a good message to the people in every corner of the world on the basis of his knowledge and experience and could provide health and peace to the people’s minds.

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal’s journey to becoming Dhyaanguru

When Dr Nipun Agarwal completed his education, he did a lot of research on personality development, spiritual philosophy, science facts etc. and increased his understanding. Meanwhile, he got many opportunities so that he could make his career successful, he also gave many interviews and was also invited.

When Nipun Agarwal was getting information about medicines, he understood one thing medicines do not only contribute to making our lives better, it is just a business.

Meanwhile, he noticed another thing about 75% of the various types of diseases in human life are due to “stress” and then, apart from the medical field, he paid attention to the meditation subject.

At that time, Nipun Agarwal had achieved a better position and from there his journey of becoming a Dhyaanguru started. It was when Dr Nipun Agarwal started sharing his thoughts with people, that people paid attention to his words and came to know that every word spoken by Nipun Agarwal is related to reality which is capable of connecting and explaining everything from living things to the universe.

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal’s YouTube channel

Nipun Agarwal started his YouTube channel on 28 November 2006, at that time he lived in America.

But the first video on his channel was uploaded on 20 November 2011. This video was uploaded with the title “Om chanting meditation”.

Dhyaanguru Nipun Agarwal first came into the limelight when he uploaded brain-healing sounds on his YouTube channel on 27 July 2015. This video proved to be the most liked video till date.

YouTube channel link of Dhyaanguru Dr Nipun Aggarwal –

Dhyaanguru Dr. Nipun Instagram I’d

Nipun Agarwal created an Instagram account in March 2016. He has around 1445 followers on his account and has shared around 20 posts till now.

I’d link –

 Dr. Nipun Aggarwal’s education qualification

Early education of Dr. Nipun Aggarwal Class 1st to 5th Pathshala
School namePrivate school
Undergraduate degreeBachelor of Science
Post GraduationMD, MHT and MBA in healthcare
SubjectsScience stream, health care, master in business administration

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal’s family information

WifeNot known
Son1 son
Daughter2 daughter

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal’s Income and Net Worth

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal’s earning/ monthly income – 2 lakhs rupees (approx)

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal Net worth –  5 crores (approx)

Source of income – training centre, medical centre, hospital and clinic, social media platforms

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal’s Car Collection and property

  • Volvo
  • Volkswagen

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal’s address and hometown

Residence address  –  Abroad – Ashburn, Virginia, United States

Home Town –  India

Meaning of Dhyaanguru

Dhyanguru is derived from two different Hindi words. Dhyaan + Guru
Dhyaan means Focus
Guru means – darkness remover (Gu- Darkness/ Ru- Remover)

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal‘s contact details

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal’s mobile number- +91626489×××

Dr. Nipun Aggarwal WhatsApp number – +91626489×××









Website :,

Healing Mantras by Dr. Nipun Aggarwal

What is Mantras –

Collection of Mantras –


Q. Who is Dr. Nipun Aggarwal?

Ans. Dr. Nipun Aggarwal famous all over the world by the name “Dhyaanguru Dr Nipun”, is an Indian native and his real name is Dr Nipun Agarwal. He is a physician by profession

Q. Why Dr. Nipun Aggarwal is famous?

Ans.   He is the most famous Spiritual Guide, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Mentor and Motivator

Q. How old is Dr. Nipun Aggarwal?

Ans.  44 year old

Q. What are the charges and fees for Dr. Nipun Aggarwal?

Ans. Get in touch with him by visiting his official website.

Q. Does Dr. Nipun Aggarwal drink alcohol?

Ans. No

Q. Is Dr. Nipun Aggarwal a social media influencer also?

Ans.  Yes

Q. Is Dr. Nipun Aggarwal has own hospital and research centres?

Ans.  Yes

Q. How much experience Dr. Nipun Aggarwal have?

Ans.  Over 20 years of experience

Q. Does Dr. Nipun Aggarwal smoke?

Ans. No

Q. How many languages does she know?

Ans. Hindi, English

Q. How to meet Dr. Nipun Aggarwal?

Ans. By contacting through social media.

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